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Barlow Junior Baseball Coaches Meeting Safety Officer

Welcome and thank you for attending,
Pass out the manuals
Sign In………………… (Pass out)
Brian Bain, All my info is in the manual

Wanted to take about an hour to review some important reminders as well as outline the responsibilities for you as coaches and my responsibility as Safety Officer.

We are going to cover the following:

  1. Your responsibility as coaches, regarding Safety
  2. My responsibility as Safety Officer
  3. Basic Safety Requirements
  4. What to do if you have an accident and procedures
  5. Tips for a fun, safe season

Obviously we want to have a fun, educational and rewarding season this year.
Nothing will take the momentum out of that faster than a serious injury of one of your players.

Your Responsibilities as Coaches Regarding Safety

  1. Read your Safety Manual and make sure you understand it. Let me know if you have questions,
  2. Make safety a part of your game, it is your responsibility to keep all player, coaches, umpires and fans safe. Kids will be kids. Watch the BATS AND BALLS.
  3. We will be providing you with a first aid kit, keep it with you at all times, practices and games. The requirements are listed on page 4 of your manual. Call me for additional supplies
  4. Let me know if you see something that is unsafe, field, gear, etc.
  5. Coach’s must have a cell phone and parents phone numbers at all times practice and games
  6. Notify the parents and me if any accident should occur. Fill out the form. Don’t take small injuries for granted. RECORD EVERYTHING
  7. Have current parent information and medical releases with you at all times.
  8. Coaches are expected to stay at the field until all the kids have been picked up. You are not babysitters, I encourage you to express your expectation with all your parents.
  9. Use Common Sense, have the kids stay alert and control your kids. We want them to be kids.
  10. Appoint a Team Safety Rep. that will help you guide your team through a safe season. We will talk more about his/her involvement.

My Responsibilities as Safety Officer

  1. Assist you and make your job as easy and painless as possible regarding safety.
  2. In the event we have an injury I will assist with the insurance portion.
  3. Complete a preliminary walk and inspection of the fields and facilities and ensure that the teams gear meets the required expectations. (Work with Alan Miller on any problems (equipment manager).
  4. Taking the necessary steps to evaluate and resolve any unsafe conditions throughout the year.
  5. Work with your Team Safety Rep. to complete random inspections throughout the year.

Basic Safety Requirements

  1. First aid kit. LOTS OF ICE PACKS.
  2. Coaches are required to have a current First Aid Card.
  3. Ensure that your players have approved gear.
  4. Proper warm-ups and stretching.
  5. Cups are required for catchers and recommended for all players.
  6. Water, sliding pants, mouth pieces etc.
  7. Lightning, darkness or unsafe field conditions.

What to do if you have an Accident

  1. Take care of your player and the situation. Call 911 if necessary
  2. Get in contact with the parent or guardian ASAP
  3. Call me, emails are fine for light injuries. ALL INJURIES !!!. If you email me please make sure you include your phone number.
  4. Fill out the Accident Reporting Log and complete the Accident Investigation Report

Tips for Great Season

  1. Safety is EVERYONE’S job, coaches, parents and mostly your players.
  2. Get a helmet on your players as soon as they hit the infield.
  3. Control your dugout. This is YOUR responsibility.
  4. Keep your players alert and expect responsibility at all ages.
  5. Water at all practices and games.
  6. Get the ice bags going for pitchers.
  7. Keep the bats on the ground or fence until your player is in the circle or box.
  8. Make a statement about horseplay right up front and encourage parents to reinforce this.
  9. As I said before just use good common sense and have a fun safe season.

Only use approved facilities, you should not use private residences
Do not ask your parents to take on this responsibility

Here are some basic things that you will need to be familiar with that are included in your book

  1. The BJB Safety Manual. Please read it completely
  2. Coaches tips. Your TSR should cover this at the first practice
  3. First Aid Kit insert and inspection form. Review it and log it
  4. Safety Letter to parents, coaches and players, and Officer Letter. Already sent
  5. Accident Reporting Log and Accident Investigation Log. Fill it out and communicate
  6. A section for all COPIES.
  7. Field/Equipment inspection forms. Use it often
  8. Contacts list.
  9. First aid kits and Manual (DON”T FORGET THEM) Keep them in your trunk always

You will be required to appoint a Team Safety Representative that will assist you with all aspects of safety on your team.

  • Can be a parent.
  • Let me have their name and email if you have it. (Pass out) Responsibilities
  • Teach and review the expectations for Safety with all players and review the “Important Safety Talking Tips” with your teams.
  • Take ownership of the manual, inspections, documentation and contents.
  • Fill out and communicate all accidents or incidents with league safety officer
  • Inspect and replenish first aid kits
  • Consistently inspect your players gear
  • Lead and ensure proper warm up time before every practice and game.

First Aid cards are required in 2011. You will be responsible to let me know who on your team (parents) has a card.
First Aid and CPR Classes are available.
Legacy Mt Hood Medical Center
Boring and Sandy Fire Departments

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions, Thanks

For more safety-related information, check out our forms page.